Saturday, December 13, 2014

Flash Gets Thumbs Up

The rain stopped sometime during the night and we woke to a cold morning. The stream was busy moving water through the property, gurgling and singing as it went. The sun was out and patches of steam were rising from the fence posts where its warmth met the cold wet wood.

Brett loaded Flash into the trailer for a ride down the road to our local vet. It was time for Flash's follow-up visit. He walked out of the stall behind Brett and then pivoted in the aisle with no stiffness or loss of coordination.

Our vet, who treats a lot of tick fever, since it is endemic in our area, said Flash looked great. No kidding. Flash was alert and animated in the cold morning area, dancing in circles like a five year old. Brett will finish giving Flash the remaining antibiotics in a day or two and we are adding in a red cell building supplement for a few weeks. That's it. He has been given a clean bill of health. Brett smiled all the way home.  Flash did a couple celebratory laps in the pasture with Mufasa this afternoon.


  1. Wonderful news. I am also so happy the storms did not effect you too much. Hug B

  2. So glad Flash is doing well - glad you caught it and treated it before it got worse.

  3. good for Flash! I'm glad that he's feeling better. I'm sure that Brett feels happy too.


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