Sunday, December 14, 2014

Fixing the Flooring

The run-in shed that is shared by the mares on clear days and used by Pistol on rainy ones, had a very uneven dirt floor.  Uneven is an understatement.  The center of the floor had been pawed by previous and current occupants, resulting in a large cavity in the center.  This wasn't a big deal until the last rain.  Rain ran off the shed roof and then into the hole.  Poor Pistol had to stand around the perimeter of the run-in to keep her feet dry.  The center was more than ankle deep in water, pee, hay and floating manure.  Gross.  There is another storm coming in tonight so Brett needed to work out a solution today.

He filled the hole with road base, which will pack down hard but still drain.  Then he put stall mats on top.

What a pain in the neck cutting stall mats to fit.  Between the two of us, we got it done.

Then we summoned the horses over.

Lucy and Little Bear were the first to arrive.

Lucy checked it out thouroughly.

As did Bear.

Pistol took her sweet time coming over.  And then she was more interested in checking Brett's pockets for cookies than in her fancy new flooring.

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  1. Once again, Brett saved the day. What a nice improvement that will be much appreciated.


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