Friday, September 1, 2017

Hot; Just Hot

Today is the first of September.  The days are getting shorter and the nights are normally cool.

But we are not having normal weather.  When I left work this afternoon, this was the temperature (Sacramento).

I stopped at the grocery store, half-way home.  It was hot there, too.

At home, it was a bit cooler.  But when its this warm, hot is hot.  Whether its 93 or 97 or 100, it is plain old miserable doing chores.

Kersey is the smart one on the ranch.  She does this multiple times a day.


  1. Why does your speedometer show 140? You miss me that much you have to hurry home.?

  2. I can't imagine that the horses are loving it. I'll take winter here and forego the heat.

  3. Our weather is very similar to yours at home. I am so looking forward to fall!

  4. Her own little wading pool - that's awesome!


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