Sunday, June 4, 2017

Turn 'em Loose

The chicks, that is.  They are getting big, to the stage where they look more like dinosaurs than chicks.  Last weekend, with the help of some friends who were up for an oak tree demolition work day, we moved the brooder box into the hen house.

We knew that the weather was going to be warm and that, combined with the chicks having grown out some feathers, meant that they would be okay without a heat lamp.  It took four of us to carry the box, one on each side, and even so we had to stop and rest a few times.  The chicks, inside, were chirping like mad.  Another person walked with us carrying the chick's waterer and the bricks on which it sits.

The brooder box has been sitting in the hen house since then, getting used to the sights and sounds of life with the two hens and whatever other critters visit (squirrels tunnel into the area regularly).  We wanted the hens to be bored with the whole idea of chicks before we let them loose.

We lifted the chicks out of the box, where they promptly huddled together in the corner.

A few hours later, the chicks were starting to spill out the door of the hen house into the run.  They didn't venture far.  The two hens were on patrol.

Periodically, one of the hens chased the chicks back inside and then ran around inside, squawking at them.  As soon as she left, the chicks spilled back outside.

It seems to be going very well.  And the chicks are endlessly entertaining.


  1. Just like children, the chicks don't listen to their elders either.

  2. Looks like a nice assortment. Glad the hens are outnumbered.

  3. Oh, funny! You're going to have quite a flock and lots of eggs...and entertainment.

  4. I still have not adjusted to the horrible volume that wakes us up every morning - not the rooster, the hens. They scream in concert with each other throughout the day. We used to have peace, but I know if they'd been here since day one, I wouldn't mind. Eggs would make the noise worth it, but we get none.

  5. Your neighbor's chickens are right outside your window so that would be loud. Ours are on the other side of the garden so there is a noise buffer -- and the sound blends in with the horses, donkeys, goats and other "ranch" sounds. We don't even notice them -- and the eggs are definitely worth it.

  6. An American in TokyoJune 5, 2017 at 5:20 PM

    Aww, what cute dinosaur babies!!!
    Sorry to hear what happened later though...:(


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