Monday, February 20, 2017

Done with the Mud

Unfortunately, the mud isn't done with us.

We seem to only be getting a day, or a partial day, between storms.  A couple days of sunshine would be nice.

We are in the midst of another doozy storm today.  It started last night and will continue through tonight with very heavy rain, high winds, flooding, blah blah blah.  Tuesday and Wednesday the rain will reduce in intensity, but remain.

Thursday or Friday, the next storm will arrive.  It will be colder than this one, with the possibility of snow.

Princess Lucy sloshes through puddles without blinking.  Yesterday, we left the horses out in the rain for the first hour or so, after the system arrived, because the rain was showery and they've been in the barn so dang much.  The boys were fine, rolling in the mud, thundering through the muck and spraying Brett with mud...

Pistol didn't mind either.  She was busy sticking her head under the fence, trying to reach every last blade of grass.  Lucy, stood at the arena gate and screamed towards the house.  When I brought her in, she was a bit wet.  The first thing she did was roll in her shavings.  When she stood up, there were shavings stuck to her nose, her cheeks, her neck and her entire body.  She looked like a chocolate donut covered in coconut.


  1. You guys really need to catch a break in the weather! How was Brett's birthday?

  2. Brett's birthday was good. We had a quiet day and dinner at a restaurant in Sacramento. I made him an apple and cranberry strudel for his "birthday cake."

  3. An American in TokyoFebruary 20, 2017 at 9:32 PM

    Princess Lucy!! lol
    You need a camera handy next time you bring her in. I'd love to see the donut look on her! hee hee!

  4. I'm giggling at the idea of Lucy looking a donut!

  5. Mud is the worst to deal with. Truthfully, I'd rather have snow. Happy Belated Birthday to Brett.

  6. I don't like mud either, but I hate ice even worse. The cold and the ice and now the freezing rain. I'm pretty sure these wild cold Temps are what got Red, so I'm sick of this winter. Let's hope for a warm, beautiful spring. ..soon!


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