Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Dancing with Tex

In my mind, Tex and I have a dance we do together.  It is the dance of trust and connection.  We are getting better all the time.

Let me illustrate.  (this was on Sunday, when the sun was out and we were playing together in the afternoon).

When Tex sees me, he turns and walks to me.

Depending on his mood, I can walk right into his space or I wait just outside.

He reaches over and touches my arm.  Cookie please.

I can stroke his neck without any flinching.  Sunday, while grooming him, I dropped a brush on the ground while on his "bad" side.  He flinched, but that's all.  I picked up the brush and carried on; he relaxed.

He had horrible dreadlocks in his mane and it took forever to work them out.  I could have cut them out but his mane is so beautiful that I just couldn't.  So, I stood and picked at the knots slowly and painstakingly.  Tex relaxed, with his head against my shoulder.  At one point, I leaned my forehead against his neck and he didn't budge.

After our ride, I took off Tex's saddle and bridle in the arena so he could hang out there.  There is all kinds of tasty green grass growing and the footing is much drier than in the boys' pasture.  The minute I took off his bridle, I thought he would turn and leave.  But, instead he stayed with me, in a quiet companion-like way.

The quiet time we spent enjoying each other's company meant more to me than the time I was in the saddle.  Giving me his trust is a huge move for Mr. Tex.


  1. That calm look becomes him. He's looking even more handsome.

    1. I do think he's incredibly handsome with all that Fabio hair -- and then when he looks at me with those soft eyes...

  2. Really enjoyed this recounting of your time with Tex. He's coming along, isn't he? So happy for you and Brett and your herd.

    1. He is coming along; he continues to make more progress than I ever expected.

  3. What Camryn said.

    And you now have a partner. Good job, Annette!

  4. He's gorgeous. I'm so happy for you and Tex. You've gained his trust and respect and love. It's wonderful how you've helped him. All your love and patience has paid off. Nice work.

  5. He has come a long way! He's a beautiful boy, too!

  6. An American in TokyoFebruary 16, 2017 at 4:11 PM

    Wow, so lovely!!
    It's also great to see photos of you and him together!!


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