Friday, September 30, 2016

Random Friday

1.  Last weekend started out comfortable -- in the mid-70s.  Then it transitioned to hot on Sunday/Monday (mid-90s); before getting cool by the end of this week. I am hoping that we stay cool until next summer.  I'm done with summer.

2.  The oaks are starting to drop acorns.  I'm finding them on the porch, the driveway, and in the pastures.  They aren't ripe yet -- still green -- and they are the exception, laying amongst the golden leaves.  In a few weeks, the acorns will be nutty brown and abundant.

3.  Brett's sister and brother came to visit, with their spouses, last weekend. Brett's sister, Dana, lives in San Diego and Brett's brother, Kurt, lives in Arizona.
Wine tasting: Krista (Kurt's wife), yours truly, Kurt (standing), Doug (Dana's husband), Dana, and Brett

We had a weekend full of shared meals seasoned with childhood stories and liberal amounts of laughter.  They helped with the chores and lounged on the front porch; coffee in the morning, wine or beer in the afternoon.

4.  The animals loved our visitors.  Kersey thinks everyone comes to visit so they can be with her.  Brett comes from a family of dog lovers -- and lab lovers in particular -- so she wasn't far wrong.
Brett and Kurt

5.  My sister-in-law, who lives outside of Phoenix, is a natural with the horses.  She's also very good with a muck rake.  And, Lucy, thought she was great too.  I caught them snuggling over the fence, Lucy was sniffing Krista's hair and shirt, and drinking in the attention she was getting.  I walked over to show Krista the funny faces Lucy makes when you scratch her just right.  But, instead of making faces, Lucy proceeded to groom Krista; tickling her wrist with her wiggly nose.  Lucy will groom me, but I've never seen her do it with anyone else before.  Lucy clearly gave Krista her stamp of approval.


  1. That sounds like a very good day

  2. Lucy sounds like she found a new friend for life. It's funny but animals are a good judge of character and it looks like the whole gang passed the test with yours. It's so nice to get together with everyone you haven't seen in a while.

  3. Ah, what a great front porch scene. I love cozy country front porches!

  4. What fun! Sounds very soul nourishing.

  5. Those are the best of times. Sounds wonderful!

  6. An American in TokyoOctober 3, 2016 at 5:13 PM

    How nice to spend time with each other, leisurely.
    Your place seems like the perfect place for that!
    I'm glad that you had a wonderful time!


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