Friday, September 16, 2016

Random Friday

1.  The plumber came out earlier this week and fixed the pipe that was leaking onto the kitchen table. There is still a big hole in the ceiling waiting for our contractor to get back from vacation and patch it up.  But, we can use our bathroom sink again and that is the main thing.
Tex and Flash (with Thistle and Bear in the background)

2.  We're still recovering from the flu bug that decided to hitch a ride home with us from Alaska.  It's a doozy; we've both been out of commission all week.  Our friends, that traveled with us, are suffering as well.
Jackson and Lucy -- watching Brett (and the hay cart)

I spent most of today in my garden, convalescing.  My mom always told us kids to go outside and lay in the sun when we were sick; the fresh air and vitamin D would help us heal.  I did some coloring, and thought about garden projects; although, I had no energy to do any of them.

3.  The chick continues to thrive.  It is interesting to me how strong this chick is; how fat and fluffy and active.  Mother Nature (and Mama Hen) do a much better job of raising chicks than we do with our brooders and warming lights and hovering care.
The chick doesn't even look like a chick anymore, right?

4.  Our chickens love canteloupe.  They don't share with the chick.

5.  Kersey is very busy at chore time.  She watches us work from the front porch.

And sometimes she even moves to different spot on the porch, so she can see us better.


  1. Glad that the chick is doing well and the bathroom is fixed! Now to get the whole patched and you guys better

  2. Maybe Kersey has the flu bug too.

  3. Gary was sick for a week too and he did not have to go to Alaska to get the bug. He felt very weak, lost his voice and coughed his brains out. Get well soon! Nice coloring book!

  4. Looks like Kersey has the best seat and best job on the farm!

    I love to color. I got my granddaughter that book for Christmas, should have goy one for myself but it never occurred to me.

    All the crew looks good.

    Hope you're both feeling better soon.

  5. Oh, your mom was a smart lady. You're so lucky to have sunshine to convalesce in. And your coloring is WOWZER!

  6. I think your Mom was on to something, I know I always feel better when I am outside. I hope you (and Brett) start feeling better soon. Just looking at some of the stunning photos from Alaska I wonder if Karma had to get you sick after having so much fun (jk) :P

  7. An American in TokyoSeptember 20, 2016 at 6:31 PM

    Love the first picture and glad to hear that your leak is fixed.

    THAT is not what I had in mind when I read "coloring"!! WOW!!
    The way you use so many shades of blue is awesome!!

    The chick looks like a mini chicken already! I can't wait to see how big he/she gets!

    I hope you all feel 100% soon!!


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