Friday, May 20, 2016

Random Friday

1.  A mountain lion attacked a dog within a mile of our home.  It happened at 10am in the morning.  The dog survived, but the owner said that he has lost goats recently and he believes it was also to mountain lions (cougars).  We have a lot of wildlife around us and it is something I love about our mountain life but, I will admit, that I don't like going outside in the evening.  Both Brett and I have experienced the sensation of being watched, of the hair on the back of our necks prickling in alarm.  I don't mind being watched by a raccoon but a mountain lion... no thank-you.

2.  The never-ending house remodel continues.  Last year we replaced the shower and sink in the master bath because they were leaking through the floor and dripping onto the kitchen counter whenever one of us used the shower.  We were hoping to have more time before working on the second bathroom but we suspect that water was leaking through the ancient, brown, cracked grout in the bath/shower.  So, that bathroom got a new tub/shower.  I can't say I was sorry to see the blue tile and stained grout go.

Nobody wanted to deal with removing the old, heavy, steel bathtub so we are getting a new acrylic tub/shower -- built right over the top of the old one.  Who knew.  We are very happy with the result - a call out to my Canadian readers; the company we used is Canadian.

3.  Jackson has been enjoying the donkey pasture a bit too much.  For a week, he's been running around, bucking, and happily expressive.  I did have to have words with him one day when he let loose right next to me while I was mucking.  Tuffy had run up behind me and Jackson was demonstrating his dominance.  Fine, I said, just keep those flying feet away from my face.  Sheesh.  Wednesday he was sore on his feet.  Well, dude, your feet can't take that kind of abuse.  I know you're happy, but you need to tone it down a wee bit or you will be sore all summer.

4.  We had warm weather most of this week but it has cooled down this morning.  I needed a jacket while doing morning chores and a few rain drops hit my windshield as I wound my way to the highway.  They are talking about snow up over the Sierra passes and cool, damp weather for us.  The longer we can delay summer, the happier I am.


  1. Always glad to hear your news. Hope the goats stay safe.

  2. Compared to California there are no dangers in the woods at night, except one - the wild boars. They are dangerous enough that I am afraid to go out in our pasture alone at night. We have a boar medicating station just on the other side of our property line, and I've found two dead boars so far. Back home mountain lions were the main thing to worry about while out riding. I never saw one but I know they saw me.

  3. Yikes that would scare me too. Bears we have and some big cat tracks in the winter have yet to be identified. Be safe. Hug B

  4. The bathroom looks great. Yay for Canadian companies. ;)

  5. I'm not a fan of mountain lions either. I know we have them around but I've never seen one. We also have bears that I haven't seen but the hunters have caught them on camera I hear. Have seen some very huge coyotes though. I'd definitely stay inside at night!

    Glad Jackson is feeling good but hope he doesn't overdo it too.

    Like the new bathroom. Great idea to have a new tub fitted over the old one.

  6. Your new bathroom is crisp & lovely looking!
    What happens with a lion that is killing stock - will a rancher shoot it or is it possible that the authorities would relocate it?

    1. If the rancher sees the mountain lion (or other predator) killing its livestock, then he can shoot it. However, mountain lions are rarely seen or caught in the act. It is usually just evidence or tracks or sometimes a night security camera that catches them.


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