Sunday, May 8, 2016

Mothers Day at the Ranch

The kids were here for the weekend.  Camille flew up on Friday.  Kyle and Ana arrived Saturday morning.

When they were small, the kids used to make brunch on Mothers Day for me.  I would sit in a chair, near the kitchen, with a mug of coffee and answer questions as they worked their way through the recipes they had picked.  They continued the tradition this morning.  I am so spoiled; so blessed.
Kyle, Ana and Camille

In the afternoon, we went up to Jenkinson Lake and hiked to the falls.


  1. I'd say that you had the perfect mother's day! It's looking very green out there.

  2. What a lovely day you had with your children. I think we all feel spoiled and blessed when we know how much our children love us. It's a nice feeling. Beautiful place to hike too.

  3. how beautiful: the breakfast, the kids, the scenery, your smile......

  4. There's nothing better than that! You have wonderful kids. Happy Mother's Day!


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