Monday, March 28, 2016

Two Gimpies

That would be me and Brett.

Brett injured a ligament in his foot and has been slowly gimping around for a few weeks.  He wears a brace, which helps, but it hurts more often than not.

I pulled my hamstring muscle (thank you, Lucy, for that lovely buck when I asked for canter on Saturday morning).  So, I'm moving slowly as well.

The neighbors must think we are a pathetic pair as we limp around doing the morning and afternoon chores.

For those of you with garden/weather envy after my Easter post, just to make you feel better, we have rain and snow flurries today.


  1. It's hard getting older isn't it?!

  2. Hope you both feel better soon - ouch!

  3. No rest for the wicked! Your critters need you.

  4. I can relate to gimping around. If I hot up in the morning and nothing hurt I'd think I was dead. Feel better!

  5. At least you can convalesce together!


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