Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Silly Lucy

Sunday, after I finished working with Tex, I took Lucy out for some green grass grazing and a roll in the arena.  She was a wee bit miffed that I had been working with Tex and not with her.  She threw her head into her halter and I had to tell her to take a chill pill as we walked to the arena.  After her roll, she bucked and jumped and pawed the air.  Brett came out of the barn with Pistol and the two mares had a good time rolling and running around.

Lucy skirted the pond size puddle at the far end of the arena initially.  Then she waded all the way in.  She stood there, doing the Spanish walk in place.  She very elegantly, and forcefully, pawed at the water until it was splashing her entire body.  Pistol stood nearby, watching.  Lucy alternated splashing with one front leg, and then the other.

After she was thoroughly wet, she started circling in the water, nose down, making small pawing motions.  Brett and I looked at each other -- and then she did it: she laid down in the water.

And stood right back up with a very surprised look on her face.

Silly, silly Lucy.

(Once again, picture by Buffy.  She came out awhile back and took a whole bunch of photos -- and then made us a calendar with them.)


  1. Oh my gosh. And you without the camera. Your words are just as good though. Silly playful horse.

  2. She sounds like a silly fun horse! Too bad you didn't have a camera for this, then again I never do either.


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