Thursday, February 11, 2016

Tuffy and Tex

The other day, in an effort to reach the grass growing outside their pasture, Tex pushed a section of fence over.  Brett needed to put Flash and Tex in another pasture until he could replace the fence.  He couldn't put them in with Jackson because Jackson ends up covered in bite marks -- courtesy of Tex who goads Jackson constantly.  Putting the boys in with girls might result in fireworks so he didn't do that either.  The only option left was to put the boys in the donkey pasture.  Brett promised to keep an eye on things and make sure Tex didn't harass the donkeys.  He called me later and said that they were doing fine together.

Sure enough, when I got home all was calm and neither donkey had a mark anywhere.  Tex and Flash were busy grazing and the donkeys were by the gate, hoping for hay.  Later, when I took the cart into the pasture to muck, I found Tex and Tuffy standing side-by-side.  They made an adorable picture.  Tex,  a muddy chestnut powerhouse, and Tuffy, fluffy and sorrel, standing together with Tuffy's back almost touching the bottom of Tex's belly; both with ears pricked forward towards me; two friends.  When Brett brought the hay cart in, Tuffy stood right behind Tex -- waiting for Tex to give the green light on sharing ha.  It came pretty quickly.

I was initially surprised by their friendship -- Tex can be such a bully.  He's left marks on both Winston (who probably deserved it) and Jackson.  He never bothered Flash, who remains alpha despite his age.  But on second thought, the friendship between Tex and Tuffy makes perfect sense.  Tuffy isn't going to challenge Tex -- Tex is four times his size.  But Tuffy loves to run and play.  Tex, more than any horse we've ever had, loves to run as well.  We often see him racing up down the pasture for the sheer joy of the wind in his face and mane, and the power of his thundering hooves.  When we ride in the dressage court (which is behind the donkey pasture), Tuffy runs in circles in his pasture mimicking us.  Finessa stands quietly, watching him, and no doubt thinking he's lost his mind.  Now Tex and Tuffy can run together -- Tex jumping stream as they go around and Tuffy splashing through.

Its tempting to leave them there, together.

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  1. That's pretty sweet...instant friendship. Tex sounds a lot like my boy, Cowboy, who is also a run and play type.


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