Friday, February 19, 2016

Random Friday

1.  We had a hum-dinger of a storm come through Wednesday night.  During the day, it was breezy with brief spats of rain filled wind gusts, followed by relative calm.  That all changed in the evening.  The wind began howling through the trees, whistling around the corners of the house, and shaking the windows.  At 8pm, we lost power.  I lit some candles and sat on the couch with my iPad, playing solitaire in the dark.  I did not light the wood-stove because I didn't want sparks flying out the chimney - even with a spark arrester, I wasn't taking chances.  So, I sat under two blankets.  Brett sat in his recliner and worried, with no TV to distract him.  The wind died down an hour later and then the skies opened and buckets of water were dumped over us.  Kersey refused to go outside and pee before bed -- and she's a lab, she loves water.  No power meant no well pump and no water. Fortunately, we had already taken our showers but we worried about the horses getting water in the barn since they have automatic waterers there.  There were about 4500 residences that lost power so we were not alone.  We woke up 3am when the lights came on.  

2.  Someone left a comment asking how tall Tex is.  Good question.  I looked at his papers but they don't give his height.  We have never measured him.  My guess is that he is about 16h.  Flash and Jackson are both 15.3 and Tex is definitely taller than both of them.

3.  I'm feeling a little blue today.  My mom died on this day in 2014.  I think about her all the time; I miss being able to tell her about this-or-that.  Some days are harder than others.  Today is a hard one.  FB did a flash back yesterday; you know... the ones that start with "here are some memories from this date in past years"... and there it was, a post from 2.18.14, the day before mom died. I had posted a status of how she was doing and seeing the post took me straight back to that hospital room and the yo-yo, up-and-down of rallying and failing that happened that week.  I'm going to take Kersey for a long walk when I get home tonight (if it isn't raining too hard) and that should help.

4.  We do have a good weekend on tap.  Kyle and Ana are coming up tonight so they can ski in Tahoe tomorrow.  We will have Brett's birthday dinner tomorrow night and are going to a wine-pairing dinner Sunday.  In less than a week, we will be at Alisal for our annual vacation there.

5.  I've been thinking about bucket-lists lately.  You know, that list of things you want to do or accomplish before you die.  Brett and I have been working on our respective lists over the years and we don't really have much "big" left to accomplish.  I would like to complete the training to become a master gardener but I'm guessing that won't happen until I retire -- since it is a large time commitment.  The two activities that bring me the most peace, that put me in a place where I completely lose track of time, are riding and gardening.  What's on your bucket list?  Where do you find solace?


  1. Sorry about your mother. Anniversaries are hard I know.

    I have some things on my list but I'm not sure if they are bucket items or things I really want to try. I'll have to think some more.

  2. Annette, my mom has been gone 8 years and I still miss her, and being able to talk to her and tell her things and get advice! My brother Mike died two
    years ago yesterday, so it was an anniversary for me, as well.

    It sounds like you will have a fun weekend coming up... send some rain our way, will you?

  3. We got a really bad wind storm here last week but didn't loose power and it helped tremendously in getting rid of the snow.
    Funny, I was missing my dad today. Like you said, there are good and bad days.
    What a lofty goal of becoming a master gardener! Love it!


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