Tuesday, December 29, 2015

We Had a White Christmas

It was perfect.  My dad and the kids all arrived before the snow started to fall.  Christmas Eve day we had snow on-and-off all day.  Each time it stopped snowing, it would warm up a few degrees.  Then it would begin to rain, then sleet, then snow. I'd look out the window and sigh.  I don't know why I love snow so much.  I just do.  Despite it snowing all day, the rain washed away most of it, so we ended up with patchy snow.
Finessa, Camille and Tuffy
Christmas Eve we feasted on roast beef, roasted potatoes and Caesar salad.  Champagne.  Wine.  More wine.  Then bed.  Holidays in our family are all about the food.

Christmas Day was spent opening gifts, feasting on turkey and watching the snow melt.  In the evening the kids wanted to play Cards Against Humanity.  It is politically incorrect and a bit crass -- not something you would play with your mother and grandfather but that is exactly what the kids proposed.  Brett was buried in a football game and declined joining us.  My father is a retired university professor, quiet, serious, and about as far from silly as you can imagine.  I'm very much like him in that way.  But that evening, we were all laughing so hard that we couldn't breathe.  It was wonderful.  The best Christmas gift of all.

My father left Saturday for home.  Sunday night we had more snow; close to two inches fell over night and we woke to a winter wonderland.

The horses weren't impressed with the snow.  They watched me taking pictures from their pastures and wondered why I wasn't bringing them their breakfast.  Humans and their priorities.  Sheesh.
Lucy, Pistol and Jackson


The kids packed a sled and drove up the road to the lake where they found a good steep hill to slide down.  Camille took pictures -- I love this one of the lake.

This morning, I headed into the office (I was able to telecommute yesterday) and the kids headed to Kyle's apartment in Berkeley.  It was a magical Christmas.


  1. What a beautiful Christmas you had. I just got an email that my sister has taken her kids (and husband) to Trinidad, California to see the Redwoods for the fist time. I was never so far from there, but I never made it, and I'm envious. It's great to see different aspects of California represented on your blog and other California blogs. You seem to have drought and snow, interchangeably. I don't think you have a problem with moss. I just hope I see a Redwood before I die.

  2. You guys had the real Christmas weather. It was 68 here on Christmas eve. Beautiful photos...especially the house in the snow.

  3. Merry Christmas to you and your family (2 and 4 legged). I'm glad that you had a good Christmas.

  4. The kids look healthy and happy, and Christmas cloaked the farm in absolute beauty!

  5. Happy for you and that wonderful Christmas! And snow!! The picture of your house in the snow with the frosty oaks...just beautiful.


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