Friday, November 20, 2015

Random Friday

1.  The three chicks that we bought on Camille's birthday in May (and named Camille1, Camille2 and Camille3) started laying eggs this week.  So almost everyday this week, we got an egg.  The rest of the worthless molting chickens are still on hiatus.

2.  We received one call on Mufasa.  I was not impressed, in my gut.  The guy said he has been competing in rodeos since he was a kid (and is 61 now).  He wanted to know why a horse with Mufasa's bloodlines, training, and conformation was being sold so cheaply.  He told me that I'm too honest and would never make it as a horse trader (he is one).  I will admit to highlighting all the reasons Mufasa would not work as his next rodeo project.  We do not want Mufasa to go to a rodeo home.  He doesn't do well with pressure and needs a quiet life full of trail riding, or maybe chasing cows on a ranch somewhere.  I really don't give a damn if we sell him for less than he is worth or into less than a competition situation.  We are interested in Mufasa's well-being; not in maximizing our ROI.  ---as if that ever works with horses, anyway.

3.  Remember how Brett and Pistol have been going through the evaluation process to be used in the therapy program at Windows to My Soul?  Brett got a call this week and was informed that he and Pistol have been selected to work with a current client.  They therapists love Pistol and they think Brett will be a good male role model for this teenage boy who is very troubled.  Brett and Pistol will be participating weekly, starting in early December and going through February.   Buffy always referred to Pistol as "the wonder horse" and she truly is a multi-talented, awesome mare.

4.  Throughout November, we've been getting rain storms every 7-10 days.  This means we haven't done much riding; just about the time that the arena sand stops squishing and sliding under our feet, the next storm arrives.  There is a very cold storm on its way from Alaska, due to hit just in time for Thanksgiving.  We may get snow, real snow (not the icy stuff) this time.  Kyle and Camille arrive Wednesday, in the thick of the weather so I'll be on edge until they pull in the driveway safe.  My niece and nephew are coming Thanksgiving Day, when the worst of the storm should be behind us.  Still, the roads will no doubt be slick and icy so we will hold our breathe waiting for them as well.  Then, we'll crank the wood stove and get down to the important task of feasting.

5.  Brett's good friend, Richard, is coming for a short visit this weekend.  I expect the two of them will be busy repairing and installing fences.


  1. Good news about Pistol and Brett...they will both be great! It has been much colder out there compared to here and I am sure the moisture has been so good for your grass. Enjoy Thanksgiving with your family. It has to be a very exciting time for Brett's son and the opening of Salt & Ash.

  2. I am so happy for Brett and Pistol and that you didn't sell to the know-it-all! Have a wonderful Thanksgivivg and take pictures!

  3. Bravo to the Horse Therapy parteners. What a difference you will be making in someone's life.


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