Friday, November 6, 2015

Random Friday

1.  Goldfish questions answered: We do not feed the goldfish.  They live on algae, mosquito larvae and bits of hay that wash off the horses' lips when they drink.  There are around 5 fish in each water trough.  We have rocks or concrete blocks at the bottom of the trough so the fish have a place to hide from predators and to hibernate during the winter.  The water in the troughs does get a layer of ice on cold winter nights and the goldfish disappear into their beds once the water gets really cold.  It's a good system and watching the goldfish swim around makes me happy.  I don't know why I love watching them, but I do.  Sometimes they will swarm around the horses' lips while they are drinking, looking for food.  Flash doesn't like it.  He always swishes the water around by swinging his head through the water before he drinks.

2.  Fall is in full swing in the garden.  The last bloom of roses brings a splash of pink in a palate otherwise dominated by gold, orange and red.

3.  Pistol is looking great.  She'll always be a stocky horse but muscle is starting to be more pronounced than fat.  When we ride, she and Brett spend a lot of time at trot and canter.  I'm not sure how much regular riding she will get with winter coming on, but the foundation is set and she is thriving.

4.  We had a wet, cold storm system come through earlier this week.  We decided to try putting Jackson in the covered round pen and put Pistol in his stall.  Jackson is the most independent of the horses; he marches to his own drummer and doesn't mind being alone (as much).  Also, the round pen stays bone dry whereas the stalls have run-outs which get wet and muddy.  The drier we keep Jackson's feet, the better he does.  Brett lugged a big black rubber water trough into the round pen and filled it with water for Jackson.  When he went outside the pen to turn off the water, Kersey ran in and jumped in the water trough.  Brett scolded her for splashing and swimming on a cold overcast day and for making a mess in the round pen.  Kersey just looked at him and thumped her tail.

5.  The chickens are still molting.  I did some research and learned that molting can last up to three months.  Aack!  We haven't had any eggs from the chickens in the past two days.  We might be reduced to - choke - buying eggs if they don't start laying soon.

6.  Autumn on the ranch.  One of my favorite times of year (after spring).


  1. My ladies are down to 0-2 eggs daily from 7-10. Enough for me and my Dad, but my friends and clients are out of luck. Hopefully the new girls who are just figuring out laying will pick up the slack. There are feathers everywhere, and the #1 hen (Beulah Montelle) is nearly naked!

  2. So jealous you have chickens!!


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