Friday, August 28, 2015

Random Friday

1.  This morning before work, before the sun came up and melted energy into lethargy, I finished cleaning out the hen house.  What a nasty dusty job.  My clothes were covered in that fine chicken dust that covers the hen house floor and rafters in silt.  I filled the nesting boxes with clean shavings and spread more on the floor.  It's hard to think about winter when the days are a scorching 100F, but the hen house is ready nonetheless. Attila the hen is still broody and still aggressively protecting all the eggs (they all lay in the same nesting box).

2.  I've been teaching Kersey a new skill and command.  In the evenings after chores, I flip my kayak right side up on the front porch, put a dog treat in my pocket and call Kersey.  I've taught her that the command "boat" means to jump in the boat.  Last night she had it down, sitting calmly while the boat rocked back and forth.  Her life jacket came in the mail so we were set.  All that was left was for me to get in the boat with her.  Unfortunately, that part didn't work so well.  Kersey was very good but there just isn't room for my legs and an 80 lb stocky dog.  Kersey has hip problems so she doesn't sit straight.  She sits at an angle, with her fanny jutting out one direction and her front legs the other.  There is not enough room between my legs for her to sit; and no room for me to paddle if she stands.  So, she lay across my legs and I rubbed her belly before calling it quits.  She won't be a kayaking dog after all which is a disappointment, but we will still take her to the lake for swimming.  And now she has a life jacket so she can swim for a really long time.

3.  Lucy has designated me as her personal masseuse.  She follows me all over the pasture, standing between me and the muck cart; standing between me and piles of manure; standing between me and anything else until I turn and walk to her.  I have a space bubble that she is not allowed to enter so she stands at the edge of that imaginary circle and looks at me with intent.  I walk up to her and then stand just in front of her chest.  Using my stubby fingernails, I rub the underside of her neck, up towards her throat latch and down to her chest.  She stretches, and sighs and drops her head on my shoulder.  She likes to have her belly and butt scratched too, but her neck is by far her favorite location.

4.  Temperatures are supposed to drop tomorrow by 20 degrees due to a storm moving into Northern California from Washington and Oregon.  The far north-western corner of the State is expected to get rain; we will not see precipitation -- just some wind and cooler (80s) temperature.  Brett and I plan to ride Saturday.  On Sunday, Sandy Savage is coming up with her fiance (congratulations!) for lunch and we will work with Lucy in the morning.  Lucy is still very sticky/resistant on her right lead canter so I want Sandy's opinion on whether I need to have the other hock injected.

5.  Winston is for sale.  Although his junior rider loves him to death, he just isn't cut out for dressage.  Winston needs to belong to a strong bold eventing rider.  He loves to jump, he loves the trail, and he has a lot of talent.  He's been winning at dressage shows -- but he gets bored.  To be successful in dressage you need a horse who has nice gaits, yes, but even more importantly you have to have a willing partner.  Winston isn't willing.  He gets bored and then he gets naughty.  It isn't fun for either him or his owner.  So, if any of you eventers out there are looking for a strong horse, or know of someone who is, take a look at Winston.  He's on the DreamHorse website -- a search for Winston Hanovarian Appaloosa brings him right up.

Schooling at Aspen Meadows -- 5-ish years old

More schooling...

Stealing Brett's hat at the Thermal *** show - he nailed his tests despite the freezing temps and icy wind.

At a show earlier this month, with his current owner.  He won all his classes.

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  1. sorry to hear winston will once again be moving. i hope he finds the right pairing.


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