Sunday, August 23, 2015

Maybe Summer Isn't so Bad After All

About a month ago, our good friends (and neighbors) bought a tandem kayak.  Every weekend since then they have been taking it out on one of our many local lakes.  And, they've been bugging us to join them.  We resisted initially -- with the expense and time committement of horses we felt they were a luxury we couldn't afford nor have time to enjoy.  But after spending the last three weeekends stuck in the house, too hot to ride or do anything outside between 8am and 7pm.... and listening to their stories of fun times on the lakes... well, yeah, we went kayak shopping.
At REI, figuring out the kayak rack

Today was our "maiden" voyage.  My parents used to have kayaks so I've had some experience out on an ocean bay, but no experience on a lake or loading them on top of a car and hauling them someplace.  We went up to Jenkinson Lake which is just 15 minutes from home.
George and Nancy

What we did right: got the kayaks on the car with out smashing a window; got in and out of the kayaks without capsizing; had a lovely picnic on the shore; wore sunscreen.

What we need to practice: loading the kayaks is painfully awkward.  I'm sure we'll improve with time but we were pretty stressed loading and unloading (kudos to Brett: he only swore once); I need boat shoes -- flip flops are a major fail in sucking mud at the shoreline.

How we feel: exhausted, sore and very happy.  We were out for four hours today and paddled out into the open water where we were buffeted by wind and wake waves from ski boats.  My shoulders and core are already talking to me ... but we're also hooked.  We'll be back out next weekend; the only decision is which lake to go to next.


  1. Good idea! Being on the water is perfect when it's so hot outside.

  2. Get a kayak trailer. Much, much easier :-).

  3. I love kayaking and like you hate the heat. Best kayak tip is to go early before the wind picks up....way more fun. I have a really high SUV so loading is difficult for me but you get the hang of it the more you do it and is no biggie. Enjoy Betsy


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