I bought Lucy (for a song) in May 2014 when she was twelve and I was 54.  Lucy is a Dutch Warmblood with no registration papers and less-than-perfect x-rays.  She's also sensitive and is anxious when insecure.  When she is anxious she rushes and tosses her head.  She isn't a good horse for everyone.  But she is the perfect horse for me.  I love sensitive.  I love forward.  And I'm a quiet rider.

Lucy and I get along great.  I don't care about papers and I'm not worried about the xrays.  I know the vet that cared for her for the eight months before I bought her.  She was in full training and she never was lame.  The "issues" affect her resale value but not her soundness.

The first time I rode Lucy she was anxious.  She threw her head around and rushed at the canter.

Each ride after that got better.  Lucy is an absolute blast to ride.  Smooth, responsive and kind.

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  1. Sounds like you're both lucky to have found one another!


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