Jackson (registered name: Twistin Turbo) was a 2003 Paint gelding.  I purchased him in July of 2009, when he was six.  He came from a great home.  His previous owner purchased him as a weanling and she gave him good solid trail training.   He knew nothing about dressage.  I didn't care - I was looking for a trail horse at the time. When I tried Jackson, he was solid on the trail.  In the arena, he had no clue about the aids for canter but he tried to figure it out so I gave him bonus points.  He had a wonderfully soft, but also goofy, expression in his eyes.  He was tall enough that my legs didn't dangle, but he was short enough to go under trees and easily mount from the ground. He was a love bug.  He was perfect for me.

The TB in him was apparent in his "go" button, his heart, his conformation, and his stamina.  But he has a Quarter Horse brain.  Calm, cool, collected and smart.  He liked to study new things.  He rarely spooked.   I ended up selling the Friesian and going with Jackson for both trail and dressage.  I'd rather have "fun" and "try" instead of "talent" and "make me."

We learned a lot together.  He went from skinny and scared...
September 2009

...to muscled and straight.
January 2011

We had a blast.  He made me laugh and that's the best.

Unfortunately, the wonderful partnership we had under saddle was short lived.  Jackson has a great brain, a huge heart, and crappy feet.  He couldn't tolerate regular work.  He developed concussion laminitis in 2011 which then became chronic and I had to retire him that year at the tender age of eight.  In 2017, he was diagnosed with Cushings.  He lived out his days here on our ranch until the complications of Cushings were too much to bear.  I let him go across that rainbow bridge in February of 2018.

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  1. Sounds like a real nice horse, the type that everybody really needs!


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