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I love horses, gardening, cooking (and eating), and living in the Sierra mountain foothills with my husband, Brett.  I've always loved horses but my involvement has evolved, and ebbed, and grown again, over the decades.

As a little kid, I spent spent everyday after school up the street at the boarding stable in the suburban town in Southern California where I grew up.  Once in awhile I was allowed to ride a grumpy Shetland pony that belonged to the owner, but mostly I just wandered around with a pocket full of sugar cubes and dreams in my head.  I found a hoof pick, half buried in the ground, at the stable and took it home.  It now hangs in our barn, a symbol of the dream that I carried for so many years; the dream of having my very own horse.

As a teenager, I rode a lot.  I rode at rental stables and on horses belonging to friends.  For a couple of years, while I was in high school, a very nice couple let me ride their horse.  Their kids were grown and gone, the horse was sound, and I was more than willing to groom and ride the horse.
My sister in front, me and my brother on either side of my mom

In my 20s, I was busy with college, then establishing my career.  I had no money for a horse but that didn't stop the dreams.  I had a cat; a stray I found huddled underneath my car at the apartment where I lived.  I bought a tack box and started adding brushes to it, my first step on the road to getting a horse.

In my 30s. I was busy with work and birthing babies.  I gave the tack box away when I got married.  It was in my 30s that I fell in love with gardening.  There was no time for a horse but the trade off -- two wonderful children -- was well worth it.  I had the same cat. I buried the dream of a horse.  At 38, I was divorced -- and dreaming again.

In my 40s, I married the love of my life and got my first horse.

 Brett and I built a home in an equestrian community located in the coastal mountains of Southern California.  We accumulated a lot of animals.  My cat died (yes, she lived a long time) and was replaced with a weimaraner and then a rescue (Kuvasz-Shepherd mix).  We went from two to four horses and added miniature donkeys, goats and chickens.  We also went through a number of barn cats before Passage settled in and made herself indispensable.  I discovered dressage and some fabulous trainers.  I trained in the early mornings before work, and competed in a lot of shows.
Auke, my Friesian -- I bought him as a 4 year old, started him in dressage, and sold him when I was 49 and he was 3rd level; he went on to PSG
Now, in my 50s, we live on a small (8 acre) ranch outside Placerville in Northern California.  We have five horses, the miniature donkeys, goats, and a flock of chickens in addition to Kersey the dog and Passage the cat.  I don't have any desire to show anymore and I am most interested in achieving harmony with my horses.
Jackson - the love of my horselife; retired at 8 yo, after two short years of riding together
Lucy - my current partner; very sensitive and very fun
 I seem to have come full circle -- wandering around the pasture with a pocket full of treats; still horse crazy after all these years.

Tex - he's learning to trust


  1. I especially loved all the photos! Fun, watching you grow up.

  2. I love this page!! Good job. :D It was fun seeing all of the pictures and how you got to where you are now.

  3. Love that you bought brushes even before you had a horse. And that you have that hoof pick tacked up in your barn.

  4. This page is a wonderful addition to your blog. It was enjoyable to learn more about you and see those great pictures!

  5. Thanks for doing this, and thanks for pointing it out!

  6. I enjoyed your story, Annette. It is funny how we come full circle, back to the basics, what is most important--our relationship with the horses.

  7. What a wonderful intro page! Truly enjoyed reading this. And of course, as a horse person, I'm not surprised how it all started. Our stories are very similar, yet hugely different, as I come from the other side of the world.
    The love of the horse is the same...


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