Friday, December 2, 2016

Walking in a Wicked Wind

This week I turned a corner with my foot.  For the first time in seven months, I can walk without a limp, at a normal speed, and I can go up stairs.

I can't go down too many stairs yet and I can't wear cute shoes or boots that lack support -- but, I feel like I have my body back.

Well, a chunkier version of my body.  Despite my best efforts to eat like a bird, the months of inactivity, rest and healing have resulted in the expansion of my hips and waist.  So, I've charged up my FitBit and I'm walking again.

This week has been overcast and cold.  Today, it was 28F when I pointed my car down the driveway and headed to work.  Thankfully, it is warmer at work by ten degrees or so, and the sun made an appearance.

I took a break mid-morning and walked around the building, with my head down, my hands jammed in my pockets and my hair blowing.  "This is a wicked wind," I said to myself -- and then grinned and walked a little faster.

(all photos by Steve -- the last of the flowers in my garden and around the ranch)


  1. You have so many flowers still! Ours are gone, battered by the pelting rains.
    I can relate to having put on weight. In the last 4-6 months, after a med change from my doctor, I have gained 15 pounds. Oh my gosh, do I feel it! Just yesterday got approval from my insurance to go back to my old meds and I'm hoping I won't feel ravenous all the time, and with any luck my walking can resume if our weather dries and gets colder. *sigh* Not a good sign heading towards Christmas. The cookies call to me...
    So glad your foot is so much better!

    1. Actually, we have very few flowers anymore. Steve took these photos at the end of October. Christmas is a hard time to lose weight; like you said, the cookies call...

  2. Val's jc registered name is Sinister Wind lol...

    1. Hahaha We had an OTTB who's jc name was Dances Secretly. Awful! Val is far from sinister but its kind of a cool name.

  3. I'm happy that your foot is on the mend! It will be easier to eat Christmas cookies knowing you can take a walk


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