Friday, July 22, 2016

Random Friday: the Garden

1.  As July creeps to its close and August waits in the wings, the garden is in transition.  My green beans are spent, but my peppers and eggplant are hitting their stride. Summer squash and rhubarb never quit.

2.   Figs and grapes are growing and plumping against the fence.

3.  Tomatoes are getting heavy on the vine and should be ripe soon.  The cherry tomatoes have already teased me with a taste or two.

4.  Squirrels picked every single plum and all the Honeycrisp apples.  I still have a few apples on a different tree but I have no expectation that they will last long enough to get ripe.  We do have wild blackberries though, a bumper crop this year, growing over and through the pasture fences.

5.  Lilies and sunflowers are dominating the flower bed while the daisies catch their breath before returning in the fall.


  1. I love picking wild black raspberries at my husband's grandfather's house. Also a bumper crop this year. Too bad about the squirrels.

  2. You have such a beautiful garden! This year I didn't plant as much, some flowers in containers and a tiny veggie garden, but nothing is doing very well. Nothing! We've had mostly mild temps and I (mostly) remember to water, but I've been focused on riding Eagle and not much else. I just don't seem to have the energy to do a lot in addition to working. We do however, have a bunch of Marionberries and wild blackberries! I need to replace my oven element and then I want to bake a pie! Hoping you and Tex are making progress and building trust. :)

  3. It is too cold here to grow blackberries, which I miss like crazy.

    When we lived on the west coast our pasture had an enormous apple tree in the middle that could shade 8 horses comfortably at a time. Surrounding the outer fences, & growing through them, were thatches of blackberries that made a better barrier than actual fence did. Delicious safety that only needed cutting back once a year to control.

    1. That apple tree sounds wonderful -- the horses must have been in heaven during apple season. Our blackberry bushes make a great barrier too. They are growing through sections of the fence that are pretty weak but we aren't worried in the least -- nothing gets through blackberry bushes except squirrels and birds.


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