Sunday, October 31, 2010

Off. Tuffy, Pasture Patrol

It's hard to be in charge of pasture security when you are a miniature donkey surrounded by large horses.  However, as Tuffy will tell you, horses have a double dose of flight instinct and no common sense.  Finessa, the other miniature donkey, is too docile and slow to be of any help.  The only time she runs is when a horse chases her or Tuffy forgets he's been gelded.  So, Tuffy is on his own -- not that he has a problem with that.  As he sees it, he is the smartest and bravest and most talented animal out there.  Furthermore, cats are fun to chase but dogs are trouble at best and may even be evil.  He's not taking any chances.  Sedona, who is almost his size, does not go into the pasture anymore unless Tuffy is in the barn.  He has her well trained.  The puppy is learning.  This morning Tuffy had to chase her out of the pasture twice -- and this was after he tried to make his point a few days ago by trying to jump on her.  Fortunately, he mostly missed.  And, after today, he hopes the puppy has learned that only equines are allowed in his pasture.

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